FIRST SEWING STEPS: Sewing machine essentials, fabric and more!


LEARN TO SEW YOUR FIRST ITEM USING BASIC MACHINE SETTINGS WITH THE CORRECT FABRIC IN JUST 3 DAYS.  Yes, it is possible, and I’ve taught hundreds of people how – are you in?  


Have you given up in despair with the simplest of small sewing projects……

  • Your machine didn’t work properly

  • The fabric was impossible to sew

  • The item looked more failed than finished

  • Most people try finding the answers on YouTube which can help or turn into a rabbit warren of different solutions

How is learning how to sew working out for you?

Rather than spend endless hours looking for sewing solutions…….

What if you could learn just the basics of your machine and easy to sew fabrics and create a small item to show for your efforts? 


Joining a community of people experiencing the rewards of learning to sew can be way more beneficial than struggling away alone.

Sarah’s classes are not just practical and easy to follow, she shares interesting explanations and facts that helped me understand fabrics. I was able to refresh as well as learn new basic sewing techniques. Having access to Sarah’s generosity with her vast knowledge has been a great way to embark back into my sewing journey. Her passion for her craft is infectious!


I have completed this introductory course  and it is simply the best tutorial for beginners. 


 Sarah’s message is key! Making and mending reduces the impact our garments are having on the planet.


What could joining our 3 day course do to help you?

Learn the fundamentals:

You do not need to know everything, just start small, with the simplest of sewing steps to build your confidence

Day 1: Know your machine
This can take time and a tiny bit of reading up in your machine manual. I know! We’re not naturally curious about that manual! So, let’s start with just the fundamentals and get into the advanced stuff later.

Day 2: Fabrics

We love fabrics and always buy too much! Use what you have or recycle. Test and experiment;

get to know your fabrics and machine and how they work together.


Day 3: Your project

Imagine creating a small drawstring bag that is useful as well as easy to make….. using just one stitch – straight stitch.

You can do it. I will help you step by step.


PS – you can take as long as you like; it’s structured as the 3 day course to give you an idea of how to schedule your time.  


Your Machine

You have a miraculous little invention that is capable of so much.

Learn just the basics, try out different settings, learn about a few machine accessories and slowly let the journey start to unfold.



The joys and the heartaches!  The colour, texture and feel of fabrics is so tempting.   

The secret is to learn more about how to handle fabrics and start sewing projects that work and feel rewarding!

Small project – useful drawstring bag

Now you are ready to combine what you have learnt on days 1 and 2 and test out your skills by making a useful, small drawstring bag in a couple of hours.  Tip!  Experiment with recycled fabrics.

I will help you step by step.

Sustainability, community and sewing for a cause.

The heart of why we do this.

Come and join us.

Here’s a Peek Into What You Will Create!

Day 1

Your sewing machine

In this workshop you will learn the essentials skills and some basic machine settings, so you can start sewing immediately.

Part of what you do will be setting up a portfolio of small sewing samples.

Day 2

Fabric handling

Learning about different fabrics and how to handle them so you can prevent sewing frustrations.  Test out your settings on different fabrics.


Add to your portfolio and make notes on what works and what doesn’t.

Day 3

Sewing a drawstring bag

You are ready to take what you know and sew a drawstring bag.  

This project underpins the skills you have learnt and prepares you for more!  (Plus, it’s a great gift!)

By the end of the course you’ll have learnt…..

  • Essential sewing skills and basic machine settings so you can start sewing immediately 
  • How to choose the easiest fabrics for a beginner to work with 
  • How to make a simple drawstring bag
  • About setting up a portfolio of samples and keeping a record of what works and what does not 

PS – you can take as long as you like; it’s structured as the 3 day course to give you an idea of how to schedule your time.

What would spending 3 days, working at your own pace, do for your sewing skills?

Hi, I'm Sarah

I have worked in the clothing industry for decades and have found it rewarding both professionally and as a hobby.

I can’t wait to see you inside the course and get you feeling confident as a maker and mender.  There are so many benefits to sewing as well as being a fulfilling hobby!


When does enrolment for the course open and when does it start?

You have purchased the $7 course and have ongoing access to the videos to work on at your own pace. 

What if I don’t have my own sewing machine and equipment?

You will need a machine, sewing tools and fabrics.  If you are not sure whether this hobby and cause are for you, try and borrow a machine and get to know more about this new skill. 

Start with the bare minimum of tools.  You don’t need much, but if it turns out you love the world of sewing there is so much available out there to invest in for your creativity if you choose to!  We will have a webinar where we can discuss this more! 

Do I need to be able to sew to enrol in this course?

No, you do not need to have any experience of the sewing world!

We welcome those who are starting right at the beginning and look forward to helping you learn new skills and understand more about how it all works!  It’s a hobby that can be stopped and started or taken in different directions, according to your needs.  We can’t wait to introduce you to your new hobby 😊

Is there a deadline to complete each section?

You have purchased the course and will have ongoing access to it to work at your own pace.  It is possible to do the course in 3 days if you have the time to dedicate to it. 

How much time each week should I allocate to the course?

Time is often a problem with busy careers, being a Mum and a myriad of other things that require our attention. 


If possible, I would recommend spending a few hours a week dedicated to your sewing course.   Practice makes perfect, but perfection is not our goal!  Enjoyment is!

Even setting aside 15 minute chunks a day will help you move the needle forward 😊


Experiment with sewing routines that work for you.  Find a spot to set up your machine permanently so you can pick up where you left off easily.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes!  You have purchased the $7 option and if you are not happy with it we offer 100% money back guarantee at the end of  a 3 day period. 

Please make sure to let me know before the 3 days are up if you are not happy with your purchase and do not wish to keep ongoing access to the videos.

If after the 3 day deadline you are not happy, please contact me and I will reimburse you the full amount. 

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