3 Tips to Simply Start Sewing:

Learn How To Sew For Good!

With Sarah


Date:  Tuesday 27th September, 2022

Time:  6pm Australian Western Standard Time (AWST)

Learn sewing and help reduce garment landfill!


This workshop is for those who want to learn how to:

Start with quick and easy sewing projects


Mend and curate a sustainable wardrobe


Sew using basic hand and machine sewing techniques


Create your own style through sewing

Create your own style through sewing

Included in this FREE discovery workshop

Common problems my students have experienced that we will address

(includes quick sewing demonstrations, tips and a workbook)


 Time is one of the main factors when it comes to sewing.  Set simple goals and learn how to find sewing time that works for you.  Sewing is something you can pick up and put down as time allows.


The second problem is space.  With a few helpful tips we will work out how to get around this and what you can achieve with your limitations.


The beauty of sewing is you can invest as much or as little as you choose.  Keep it simple and only buy tools you need to start small and add according to your creative needs.

The Benefits

Sustainable wardrobe

 What is a sustainable wardrobe and why should we all be working towards this even if we don’t sew?  The best part is we will make this fun!


 Short on time and space?  Here we will look at quick and simple sewing projects to get you started on your new hobby without a huge investment. 

Hand and Machine 

 You and your miracle machine are capable of upcycling, recycling, mending, and making.  There are projects you can mend and make for yourself, your home and as gifts.  Set your own goals!

Sewing together

 Sewing community with soul; from helping animals in need to sewing to keep garments in circulation, together we are also helping our planet.

Limited slots available!

Click the link below to join us on 27th September, 2022 at 6pm AWST

90 minute workshop


Marta with her flower headpiece made by hand from fabric scraps

  A community that sews with heart, hand and generosity.

Be part of something bigger.  There are many reasons to sew.

Limited slots available!

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Sarah’s classes are not just practical and easy to follow, she shares interesting explanations and facts that helped me understand fabrics. I was able to refresh as well as learn new basic sewing techniques. Having access to Sarah’s generosity with her vast knowledge has been a great way to embark back into my sewing journey. Her passion for her craft is infectious!

Fiona Sombekke

I have completed the introduction to this course and it is simply the best tutorial for beginners. The content for each module is perfect and Sarah’s clear instructions, along with her tips and videos make it all so simple and satisfying. If you are serious about learning to sew, this is the place to start.

Shirley Renaud

Stylish and very beautiful designer sewing patterns and online sewing courses. Sarah’s message is key! Making and mending reduces the impact our garments are having on the planet.

Jo Castro


To anyone taking Sarah’s online courses, I wholeheartedly encourage you to immerse yourself in everything ‘’ and Sarah’s offers.  Learning through this online platform is as impactful as learning face to face.

Online learning is the 21st century’s advancement of in-room learning, and Sarah continues to be a leader in this format.

Sarah is an excellent educator with her strong background in sewing, teaching, and sustainability knowledge.

Heart-warming words from Charlotte Smith of The Charlotte Smith Fashion Collection (formerly The Darnell Collection)

Sustainability at the Core

Sarah’s interest in and passion for sustainability was and continues to be impressive. Understanding how to be sustainable is the key to a successful fashion career. 

Historic construction, dyeing, pattern making techniques, to name just a few, are essential to understanding how, especially during particular centuries and decades, fashion practices were sustainable. 

Using this knowledge and using it as a foundation to contemporary techniques is vital for any designer who strives to be sustainable, especially now, at a time when the fashion industry needs to continue incorporating ways to be more ethical in how to deliver ‘fashion’ in our multi-faceted clothing industry.

I would love to see you inside!

My goal is to help you on your sewing journey reach the simple, or ambitious, sewing skills you dream of.

This workshop will give you a taste of what’s possible when you open your heart to how sewing can change so much!

Together we can do this!

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