Beginners: 3 Simple Sewing Projects

           in 8 Weeks to Become         

Confident With Your Machine


Learn sewing and help reduce garment landfill!




After learning these foundational skills you will be ready to sew

recycling, simple garment making and home décor projects!


In this course you will learn how to:

Sew a small bag

Sew two simple garments

Understand pdf patterns and terminology

and more…




This course is for:


Those who would like to try sewing out as a hobby before investing a lot of time and money


A busy mum or career woman with limited time to dedicate to sewing. Yes, you can do a lot in 15 minutes blocks when you squeeze it in!


 Creatives struggling to find clothes and accessories you are after and keen to experiment and have fun creating a style of your own.


 You, if you want to be part of the amazing sewing community that helps in sew many ways!

By the end of this program, you will have:

  1. Learnt more about that miracle machine of yours
  2. Have a basic understanding of fabrics and which ones to avoid!
  3. Understand garment components and how to sew them: like pockets and elasticated waistbands
  4. Learnt about useful tools and equipment
  5. Worked with PDF patterns. We will uncover the mysteries within, and you will see how wonderful it is to have the chance to download your own.
  6. An introduction to terminology – both in sewing and your patterns
  7. Made 3 practical projects either for yourself or as a gift
  8. Gained the confidence to experiment with other sewing projects on your own!
  9. Be part of an amazing community that generously does what they can to help, save and share

Enrolment opens on Monday 12th September 2022:

Join the waitlist – limited numbers for this course

Program starts 10th October 2022








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Hello I’m Sarah

Machinist, maker and educator 

 I teach sewing with a focus on sustainability and how we can all do our bit for planet Earth.

By keeping these skills alive we can help reduce the damage fabrics are causing to our environment.

I would love you to join our cause!


Sarah’s classes are not just practical and easy to follow, she shares interesting explanations and facts that helped me understand fabrics. I was able to refresh as well as learn new basic sewing techniques. Having access to Sarah’s generosity with her vast knowledge has been a great way to embark back into my sewing journey. Her passion for her craft is infectious!

Fiona Sombekke

I have completed the introduction to this course and it is simply the best tutorial for beginners. The content for each module is perfect and Sarah’s clear instructions, along with her tips and videos make it all so simple and satisfying. If you are serious about learning to sew, this is the place to start.

Shirley Renaud

Stylish and very beautiful designer sewing patterns and online sewing courses. Sarah’s message is key! Making and mending reduces the impact our garments are having on the planet.

Jo Castro

Sewing Sustainably



What you will find inside this course

The 8 week Sew For Our Planet online program is for aspiring hobby machinists who want to learn the foundations of sewing and understand how this valuable skill can contribute to environmentally friendly practices for our precious planet earth.


You may be a complete beginner or have done a little sewing and want to know more.   I am here to help you achieve the simple or ambitious sewing skills you dream of.  Ingrained in all that I teach is consideration for the impact our sewn products have on the environment.


Every two weeks a new set of project videos will be made available for you to work through in your own time.  You will also receive applicable resources to download and short videos in between.


Once a week we will get together over zoom for Q and A and demonstration time. 

There are two downloadable PDF patterns!  Yes!  You will manage and you will make sewn products from these patterns.  Don’t worry – they come with printable sewing instructions as well!


You will be part of a private FB community to share your joys and ask questions.

I love sharing my skills and spreading the word of how as machinists, or through sewing by hand we can have an impact on our planet.  Even if you only sew occasionally out of necessity, you will build an understanding of how to shop in a more planet friendly way.

Join our cause and learn to Sew For The Planet!

The Foundations


Week 1

We will start with the course layout and what you will have in the first set of videos and printouts.


Here you will learn the foundations of sewing and touch on sustainability which is at the heart of why we sew.


Set up your space, tools, and equipment, to sew any time you have a spare moment! The iron is an essential piece of equipment!


Get to know your machine and what you can achieve with simple straight and zigzag stitches.


Knowing your fabrics is at the heart of sustainability and our cause. 


Seams, seam finishings and more and you’re off to a flying start!  There is so much you are ready to sew just from completing this first module.  Don’t forget you can return and re watch at any time.


Make sure you have a file to keep those samples in and record what worked and what didn’t. 

(It’s ok to make mistakes – we all do!)


Watch out for the bonus video at the end 😊

You are now ready to cut and sew your first item!

Cut and Sew 1


Week 2

Let’s start putting those skills to use!

For this module you will have already chosen the fabric for your bag.  Techniques used to make this bag are also used in garment making. 

You will have a downloadable pdf pattern and sewing instructions.

There are also videos to demonstrate each step. 

Nothing complicated here, only two pieces of fabric and some clever tips and tricks.

This is a great beginners project to make either for yourself or as a gift.

Make sure you keep an eye open at thrift shops and other opportunities to recycle fabrics. 

We will discuss pattern, colour and texture and the different looks you can get from the same pattern.

This is also a project you can experiment with embellishment and other decorative features if you choose.

Test different options out using scrap fabric or keep it simple and cut and sew according to the time you can spend on this project.


 Most of all have fun!

Measure and Experiment


Week 3

It’s time to introduce you to garment making!  This project requires no printed pattern pieces.


We will go through taking measurements so have that tape measure at the ready!  These measurements are for whoever you have chosen to make this simple garment for, and we will chat more about that in the course.


You will be provided with worksheets and pintables for this module as well as sewing instructions and videos.


Here we will look at options to use different threads and sewing needles.  The choice is yours, keep it simple with matching thread or choose to make a feature of the different stitching techniques you have learnt.


We will also discuss pockets and other garment components.  Here you can experiment in your own time and decide if you will add pockets to this garment. 


No pressure, just work at your own pace over the next two weeks, experiment and enjoy!

Cut and Sew 2


Week 4 and 5

Now that you have experimented a bit with different fabrics, sewing threads and perhaps different needles it’s time to cut out and make your garment!


You will be drawing your pattern outlines directly onto the fabric so make sure you have your tailors chalk and a ruler or something long and straight to start drawing your shapes!  I have slats from a blind I use for projects like this.  Start looking at items in a different light, you never know when you might need cast offs as a sewing room tool!


This is all straight line sewing.  Don’t worry if you don’t know how to sew a straight line, I hear that a lot and I have tips and tricks to help with that too!


Don’t forget your iron!  It’s amazing what a difference it makes to your sewing!


Keep working on your garment project and if possible, aim to finish it off this week. 


PDF Patterns Plus


Week 6

It’s PDF pattern time!  This week we will look at printing and cutting out your PDF pants pattern step by step.

You can choose to work with this pattern as is and include the inseam pockets and ankle slit or make a simple version and leave them out.  We will talk about other alterations like lengthening or shortening the leg. 

Choose a woven cotton fabric in plain or print depending on the garment look you are after.

You also have a community of like minded people sharing ideas and helpful tips they have found along the way in our private group.

Cut and Sew 3


Week 7 and 8

Learn more about component sewing eg pockets and elastic waist band.

These last couple of weeks are to complete your cut and sew projects, ask questions and celebrate your achievements!



Limited slots available!

Click the link below to join

When you enrol in this small group you’ll get:

Instructional Videos


Lifetime access! Refer back to videos when sewing tricky parts of your projects.

New videos released as you work through your courses.

Two downloadable PDF Patterns


Yes! you can do this. Together we will learn the terminology and how to understand the markings on a pattern.

Instructions and Printables


As well as videos there are instructional printouts with step by step instructions for you to follow.

In addition you will be part of the following!

Sew For Our Planet

You will become part of a private group that sews for the love of it and because we have a cause!

There are so many fun and interesting ways that as a machinist you can help our planet.

We will have 7 sessions of live Q and A.

You will also be part of a private Facebook group where we share and connect.

Sewing Designs and Dreams

This is an opportunity for you to share your projects and dreams with each other and get the power of the group helping you with your endeavours.

Different people have different strengths and together we can be part of something bigger.

 I’m so excited to see what you do!


When does enrolment for the course open and when does it start?

Enrolment opens on the 12th September for a start date of 10th October, 2022

How many people in the group?

As this is a beta program the course is limited to 10 people. 

What if I don’t have my own sewing machine and equipment?

You will need a machine, sewing tools and fabrics.  If you are not sure whether this hobby and cause are for you, try and borrow a machine and get to know more about this new skill. 

Start with the bare minimum of tools.  You don’t need much, but if it turns out you love the world of sewing there is so much available out there to invest in for your creativity if you choose to!  We will have a webinar where we can discuss this more! 

Do I need to be able to sew to enrol in this course?

No, you do not need to have any experience of the sewing world!

We welcome those who are starting right at the beginning and look forward to helping you learn new skills and understand more about how it all works!  It’s a hobby that can be stopped and started or taken in different directions, according to your needs.  We can’t wait to introduce you to your new hobby 😊

Is there a deadline to complete each section?

This is a self-paced course with lifetime access.


Video content and LIVE on zoom, runs to a weekly schedule.  The LIVE sessions help students stay with the course schedule and keep in touch with each other.  I would love to see you on the LIVE’S but understand you can’t always make it. 


Our aim is to support you and provide access to the videos and other printables to continue in your own time.  There will be LIVE replays available.

How much time each week should I allocate to the course?

Time is often a problem with busy careers, Mum’s and a myriad of other things that require our attention. 


If possible, I would recommend spending a few hours a week dedicated to your sewing course.   Practice makes perfect, but perfection is not our goal!  Enjoyment is!

Even setting aside 15 minute chunks a day will help you move the needle forward 😊


Experiment with sewing routines that work for you.  Find a spot to set up your machine permanently so you can pick up where you left off easily.

Can I buy each module separately?

At the moment Beginners Sewing for Teens (and Adults) is the only module sold separately.  This is for those who want to learn the bare minimum to enable them to do limited sewing when necessary and give sewing a ‘test run’ before they commit.   This course also offers less support. 


You will not be reimbursed for this if you do enrol in the ‘3 Simple Sewing Projects in 8 Weeks’ should you decide you would like to build on the skills learnt.   

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes!  We offer 100% money back guarantee. 

If after the first 7 days deadline you are not happy, please contact me and I will reimburse you the full amount. 


Over the years I have been extremely fortunate to collaborate with several fascinating industry experts.   An integral part of my educational world is Charlotte Smith of The Charlotte Smith Fashion Collection (formerly The Darnell Collection.)

Charlottes collection records 250 years of social history and women’s journeys through fashion. The collection includes iconic designers such as Chanel, Dior, Westwood, McQueen and Halston to name a few!  Charlottes storytelling and passion for the preservation of precious garments and their history continue to influence current designers and students.  

Charlotte is still part of my world and  continues to inspire me.

Sustainability at the Core

Sarah’s interest in and passion for sustainability was and continues to be impressive. Understanding how to be sustainable is the key to a successful fashion career. 

Historic construction, dyeing, pattern making techniques, to name just a few, are essential to understanding how, especially during particular centuries and decades, fashion practices were sustainable. 

Using this knowledge and using it as a foundation to contemporary techniques is vital for any designer who strives to be sustainable, especially now, at a time when the fashion industry needs to continue incorporating ways to be more ethical in how to deliver ‘fashion’ in our multi-faceted clothing industry.

The Sew and Save Project

I can’t wait to see you inside the course and get you feeling confident as a maker and mender.  There are so many benefits to sewing as well as being a fulfilling hobby!

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