4. Hobby Apron: Zero waste project and includes a tutorial on patch pockets

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If you love fabrics and textiles now is the time to add sewing to your skills set. I have spent years working in the clothing industry and teaching associated skills. Join The Sew and Save Project and be part of a culture of creating treasured items that don’t end up in landfill. I will take you through the process of setting yourself up for a successful start to your new hobby or possibly career! This class is perfect for beginners who want to create with a conscience.



What you will find inside this course:

Every two weeks a new set of project videos will be made available for you to work through in your own time.  You will also receive applicable resources to download and short videos in between. 

Once a week we will get together over zoom for Q and A and demonstration time. 

There are two downloadable PDF patterns!  Yes!  You will manage and you will make sewn products from these patterns.  Don’t worry – they come with printable sewing instructions as well!

You will be part of a private FB community to share your joys and ask questions.

I love sharing my skills and spreading the word of how as machinists, or through sewing by hand we can have an impact on our planet.  Even if you only sew occasionally out of necessity, you will build an understanding of how to shop in a more planet friendly way.

Week 1:  The Foundations 
• equipment and setting up your sewing space and understanding your machine
• understanding fabrics and (of utmost importance), sustainability!
• seams, seam finishes and more

Includes sewing instructions and video tutorials


Week 2: Cut and Sew 1 Japanese Knot Bag 

This week you will cut and sew your Japanese knot bag.

This is a great beginners project to make either for yourself or as a gift.

Make sure you keep an eye open at thrift shops and other opportunities to recycle fabrics. 

We will discuss pattern, colour and texture and the different looks you can get from the same pattern.

This is also a project you can experiment with embellishment and other decorative features if you choose.

Test different options out using scrap fabric or keep it simple and cut and sew according to the time you can spend on this project.

Includes a downloadable PDF pattern, sewing instructions and video tutorials 


Week 3:  Measurements and Hobby Apron Experiment

It’s time to introduce you to garment making!

This week you will:

  • take measurments
  • learn about different needles, threads and feature topstitching
  • your apron is a zero waste fashion garment using measurements, no pattern
  • learn about patch pockets and other garment components


Weeks 4 and 5:  Cut and Sew 2

Cutting out and sewing your hobby apron is all straight line work.  Don’t worry if you don’t know how to sew a straight line, I hear that a lot and I have tips and tricks to help with that too!

You will be drawing your pattern outlines directly onto the fabric so make sure you have your tailors chalk and a ruler or something long and straight to start drawing your shapes!

Don’t forget your iron!  It’s amazing what a difference it makes to your sewing!

Includes sewing instructions and video tutorials


Week 6:  Pants, PDF Patterns and More

It’s PDF pattern time!  This week we will look at printing and cutting out your PDF pants pattern step by step.

Your elasticated pants pattern includes:

  • Inseam pockets
  • Side seam feature slit
  • You can choose to make the pants as is or make a simple version and leave them out

You will learn about simple pattern alterations and choose a woven cotton fabric in plain or print depending on the look you are after.

Includes a downloadable PDF pattern, sewing instructions and video tutorials 


Week 7 and 8:  Cut and Sew 3 

Working on your pants you will learn more about component sewing eg pockets and elastic waist band.

These last couple of weeks are to complete your cut and sew projects, ask questions and celebrate your achievements!


Also included in the course:
• a private Facebook group where we can share ideas, talk about what we are learning, ask questions and post short videos relating to our sewing
• a comments/questions section at the end of each lesson
• seven zoom sessions where we can talk as a group from our sewing rooms
• printable handouts and sewing instructions included

I believe there is great value in having the chance to talk to each other about your sewing journey and ask questions within a small group environment.
Work through the course in your own time, with ongoing access to the videos after the zoom sessions finish.

Your Machine – You have a miraculous little invention that is capable of so much.

Learn just the basics, try out different settings, learn about a few machine accessories and slowly let the journey start to unfold.

Fabrics – The joys and the heartaches!  The colour, texture and feel of fabrics is so tempting.   

The secret is to learn more about how to handle fabrics and start sewing projects that work and feel rewarding!

Small project – Now you are ready to combine what you have learnt on days 1 and 2 and test out your skills by making a useful, small drawstring bag in a couple of hours.  

I will help you step by step.