Spring brings a new season of colour palettes. So if you’re looking for inspiration, take a look around at nature’s showy display. But don’t let the tranquil looking image and colours fool you. 2018 spring colours have a lot of hectic hues.

While Japonica Collection does not always follow seasonal colour trends, it’s fun to keep an eye on them. After all, colour is another way to tell a story.

For me, the story of springtime is all about flowers. Despite the cold, spring is in the air. The countryside is awash with native flowers and spring gardens in bloom. It’s even worthwhile keeping on eye on the flower markets lately.

There’s a fabulous array of colour and shape this time of year. With all this inspiration, it’s time to shake up your wardrobe with exciting new colours.

Here are some of my floral inspirations for 2018 spring colours. Hopefully, they’ll inspire you too!


If you’re looking for 2018 spring colour inspiration, you don’t have to go far. The Flower Designers Club of Bunbury recently held its Blooming Art Exhibition at the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery. The combination of the Chapel Gallery and the flower exhibition is breathtaking. It’s also a great space to showcase the work of our talented, local floral artists.

Award-winning designer and floristry lecturer, Eileen Wenn, is passionate about her craft. She’s able to make magical things happen with her combinations of colour, texture, and shape.

Eileen has passed this love of floral art onto family and many others in the industry. Passing on traditions seems to be part of the culture in the Flower Designers Club. It’s something we can all learn from. I have been fortunate enough to experience this generous spirit from Eileen and other floral artists, Lyn Fisher, Judy Clark, and Debbie Payne.

Take a look at the Flower Designers Club facebook page to see all the interesting things they get up to. From floral workshops to spring shoe designs, they have a great recipe for flower fun!


Looking further afield, sit back, relax and watch Nicolette Camille’s artistic floristry demonstration. If you read the comments below she seems to have started quite a debate about handling flowers. Regardless of how she handles her work, the end result is stunning!


It’s not always possible to get out into the country to see the native spring flowers. But you don’t need to miss out, as Kings Park is bursting with wild colour. Besides the foliage and flowers, take a guided bushwalk through the artistic displays. With over 25,000 native plants you’ll get caught up in the festival of colour and creativity.

The tulip festival at Araluen is another great place to connect with your creative soul. There are a lot of other inspiring spots, take your camera and get out and about.

If you’re too busy this spring to get out, the Plant of The Month section on their website has got you covered. Use their plants for colour inspiration.


The colours in these plants will be popular in the coming season. There’s everything from delicate peach and creams to brighter, bold citrus colours. Even the more neutral shades have something for everyone. Ranging from calm and composed to strong and spicy; these colours will work to suit you and your mood.

Whether you are buying men’s or women’s wear, colours can cross over. Colour combinations are more individual and expressive this season.

Some of these colours may be a bit of a shock to the system. If they are too much for you, choose what works for you and mix with what you already have. There are more muted tones that are also very floral. What colours combinations are your favourites?


Japonica Collection is full of beautiful handmade garments perfect for building your wardrobe. We offer clothing in neutral colours that look amazing with the 2018 spring colours.

If you feel extra inspired by flowers, you and a group of your friends can take a “flower making” workshop. I will show you how to create fabric flowers that you can use as an exciting accent piece. Click here to find out more.

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